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Being Home for Summer As Told by Napoleon Dynamite

1. At first you are so happy that you don’t have to go to classes for 2 months.

2. Then you realize you have to start living with your siblings again.

3.  And you have to deal with catching up with your relatives.

4. You don’t have as much freedom as you did when you were away.

5. But you finally get to see all of your old highschool friends.

6. Even though everyone seems to be working and busy…so you have to come up with your own fun.

7. But you also need to make money and start a summer job.

8.  And you parents always question how your day was.

9.  And without a dining hall you have to fend for yourself.

10. Once it’s the weekend you get to go out with your friends, but you find out there’s not much to do at home

11. But you always make your own fun!

12. You kind of start to miss being at school

13. You know you will miss your family

14. But when it’s finally time to go back, you’re pretty pumped!

Sophia Pinciotto is a Junior at SUNY Oneonta studying Communications and minoring in public relations. Sophia was born and raised on Long Island and loves to workout, sing, and write!
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