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The start of school also means the start of fall, so get ready to bundle up and look cute! These are the top back-to-school, fall fashion styles that you should rock around campus this semester.

Ankle boots


Ankle boots are a must-have because they are the perfect height for rolled up jeans or stockings with a skirt. You can layer them with boot socks and wear them around campus all day without your feet aching.

Oversized Sweaters


Oversized sweaters are not only comfortable and warm, but also stylish. Be careful of the proportions! Depending on your height you have to find the right length so the sweater does not overwhelm you! Pair with ripped jeans, cute jewelry and funky boots. J

Leather Jacket


Leather jackets are perfect for the fall weather and keep you warm in-between classes, yet are still fashionable. This year branch out by trying new colors such as dark green, maroon, and eggplant instead of traditional black and brown.



Backpacks are a staple of starting school again. It is worth paying more for a good backpack that will last through daily wear and tear carrying those 5 pound textbooks everywhere. Try an unusual pop of color!

Long sleeve t-shirt dress


Lastly, get a comfortable long sleeve t-shirt dress. They are so versatile and can be paired with belts, scarves, high or low boots, hats, all types of jewelry, stockings, knee socks and more! To make this look more complex, experiment with layering sweaters or cardigans with slip dresses.

Hope you have a great, stylish start to the school year. Stay warm and fabulous!




Emily Barry

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