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An Animal can Actually be Your Best friend

This past summer, I adopted my first pet. Initially, my parents filled my head with doubt. I didn’t know if I was ready to be a “cat parent” or if I was responsible enough to take on that kind of responsibility. I feared she would be unsafe. Maybe I’d forget to feed her! Maybe I would forget to change her water! Her litter box? Forget about it you’ll never remember! All that doubt seemed to fade when I held my little Ellie in my arms. 

Ellie is constantly the center of attention. She is super sweet and will walk up to literally any person that crosses her path. I’ve never once heard her hiss and she is the friendliest little kitten I’ve ever met! She is about 6 months old and is absolutely loving her life here in Oneonta! When I first met Ellie in the living room of my friend Kenzie’s house, her sweet eyes and soft kisses had me hooked. I absolutely adored this animal. I never understood the bond a person could have with a being across the species line until I met my little nugget. She has more personality than some of the humans I know! She’s adventurous (maybe too adventurous- she got stuck in our ceiling and we had to call the fire department to cut her out of the wall), silly and makes me laugh hysterically at least once a day.  

The most remarkable part about my furry friend must be her intense empathy. I’ve never seen an animal react to human emotions as attentively as Ellie does. When I’m sad or crying, she cuddles up to me, meows and licks my tears from my cheeks. When I’m happy, she darts around the room, rolls around on her back and is extremely playful. If I’m having a bad day, Ellie is always there without fail. She doesn’t care what I look like, what I wear (unless its fuzzy socks she loves those), how much money I make or the mistakes I make in day to day life. Animals unchanging and undeniable love has really changed my life. In Ellie I found the perfect kitten but also a tiny best friend! 




Karly Boyd is currently a Sophomore at SUNY Oneonta. She is a double major in English and Sociology with a Human Services concentration. She hopes to one day work in Public Health. In her free time, she enjoys doing makeup, going to the gym and hanging out with her best friends.
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