The 7 Reasons the Grinch is the Most Relatable Character Ever

There is no doubt How The Grinch Stole Christmas is one of the most iconic Christmas movies out there. The happy festive “whos” really put you in the Christmas spirit. Growing up you may have found the Grinch annoying or scary or just plain sad since he was so angry all the time. But now, as a college student, you can probably agree that the Grinch is soooo relatable.

1. Trying to find an outfit every time.


2. When your friends ask you to hang out and leave your room for the first time that day...

3. When you say you’re “busy” when in actuality you just want to lay in bed.


4. When you eat when you’re bored



5. Catching feelings even when you know you shouldn’t.


6. When finals week rolls around and you have to schedule your mental breakdowns.

7. And finally, when it finals week but you’re just trying to be festive.



Mary Kate