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The 6 Things I’ll Miss About Oneonta When I Graduate

1. Having all my friends in one place.

My best friend is student teaching this semester and sent me a screenshot of her Snap Map and all our friends were in Oneonta while she was at home. It broke my heart (it’s okay, I made her visit), but it made me grateful to have so many people I care about so close all the time.

2. That one random warm day in March.

While this year that day might have been in February, that random day is great because the whole campus comes alive. We remember to appreciate the good weather and you can see everyone enjoying the quad, pond, and parks in full swing. It reminds you how beautiful Oneonta can really be.

3. OPT.

While our public bus system may not be perfect, it’s awesome to not have to always pay for cabs. Most of the bus drivers are really cool, and a few have even said the reason they love their job is because they like making sure people get home okay. Still, props to Oney for finally getting Uber. Lyft…we’re waiting!

4. Starbucks, and more specifically, Shari!

First, we have the only Starbucks in 60 miles, and it’s right on campus. But, we also have something even better, we have Shari. Shari is a popular face tons of students know and love. She works hard to learn students’ names and always asks how you and your day are. Coffee makes me happy, and having someone who I know cares about us when I go to get my daily Starbs is an awesome bonus. 

5. St. Oney’s Day.

Every school has its big holidays. Ours is a whole day dedicated to school spirit with a celebration founded for and by students. That’s pretty cool.

6. Everything. 

With graduation coming in the near future, seniors are trying to slow down the clock. While I know it’s the right time for me to leave Oneonta and move on to a new adventure, this will always be somewhere I call home. Oneonta has helped me grow into the person I always wanted to be, and I will be forever grateful of that. 



My name is Keri Johnson and I am a senior communications studies major at SUNY Oneonta. I'm origianly from Long Island and love hiking, reading, and meeting new people. As a sorority girl, coffee addict, and seasonal camp coordinator I make sure to stay busy, but always find time for my friends and my dog!
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