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5 Ways to Practice Self-Care While Social Distancing

Being somewhat of an extrovert, this time in quarantine has been difficult. I know it is difficult foranyone, but I am just grateful to be healthy and safe right now. Doing online classes can be draining andtedious, so you need some activities to do in order to take a break. Here are some that I have foundhelpful in this trying time:


I am not usually a puzzle person, as it takes patience that I certainly don’t have! However, it has been quite fulfilling in the past few weeks. I sit down with my family at night and work on a puzzle together. Not only is it a good way to spend time with my sister and parents, but it is also a good distraction. I am someone who gets overwhelmed by the news and all the different stories that spread between social media platforms. Puzzles have been a relaxing escape and I highly recommend!


Yes, this might sound silly. But coloring is actually very soothing! It is not just an activity that children partake in, many adults do as well! My favorite are the color-by-number books, as they tell me what to do, helping my lack of creativity. Sit down at night with a movie or television show and start coloring! You won’t regret it and your mind will thank you.


Again, I am not usually much of a reader. I don’t think I have finished an entire book in quite some time. However, there is something peaceful about getting into bed at night with a good book before falling asleep. Maybe pick up a classic that is your all-time favorite book. If not, try something new that you haven’t read before. It provides quiet time to reflect on your productivity and well-being.

Board Games

It might sound cliché, however, give it a try! I know as a kid I loved spending quality time with my family playing board games, so why not do it now! Being somewhat of a homebody, I enjoy being with my family and having an excuse to do things we used to when we were younger and when times were much simpler. I have played Mancala, Yahtzee, and some card games such as Uno so far. Again, here is another escape to ease your mind from everything going on around

Watch a Movie or Tv Show

There are so many platforms to find things to watch, such as Netflix, Hulu and Disney+. There is always something to start! I have watched some old favorites, but also tried some new ones. I am guilty of watching Friends endlessly, and now that is not on Netflix. Now is my time to find a new series! I love winding down my night by sitting on the couch with a blanket and cup of tea and watching a good family movie.

I know it can be hard to truly relax right now, given our current circumstances. However, thereare so many ways to help yourself and distract your mind. I am struggling with self-motivationfor my online classes, but something that is helping is the idea of looking forward to doing oneof these activities at night. The thought makes me want to finish all my work during the day, sothat when night comes around, I can do something fun with my family. Please, stay safe and wellduring this crazy time, and don’t forget to take care of yourself!


Hey! I’m Emily and I am a senior Communications major at SUNY Oneonta! I love to play flute and tennis, and be with my family and friends! I can’t wait to write more articles this semester, and share them with everyone! 
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