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5 Ways to DIY and Make Your Dorm Feel More Like Home

Are you sick of your drab dorm room? Do you need it to feel more like home? Then here are some DIYs for you to help you make your dorm feel more like home!

1. Canvas Art

Painting a piece of canvas to hang on your dorm room wall is a great way to add your own sense of style and personality! It’s easy to find cheap canvases and paint at your local Walmart, or even on Amazon.

2. Painting a Mason Jar

This is probably the easiest type of DIY out there, so don’t worry if you aren’t artistically inclined (like me). All you need is a mason jar and some paint; you can really get creative with this if you think outside of the box. Use a pretty metallic paint, paint the entire jar or add lace! There are literally endless uses for mason jars.

3. Kissing Ball

Why only decorate your wall when you can decorate your ceiling too? A kissing ball, also known as a pomander, is a rounded base (it’d probably be easier to use a Styrofoam ball) that has flowers, ribbon, and other decorative pieces glued to it. I know I hate staring at my ugly dorm room ceiling, so this would be a perfect way to add some color and dimension to your home away from home.

4. Tassel Garland

If you have the patience and feel like getting a bit more creative, this DIY is for you. You’ll need twine, tissue paper, scissors, and a hot glue gun. All you need to do is fold a sheet of tissue paper in half, cut the fringe, unfold it, twist the top together, and glue it to the twine! The step by step picture above will make it seem easier than it sounds, trust me.

5. Ping Pong Ball Lights

I’ll admit that my roommate and I have a problem when it comes to hanging lights around our room. They’re literally everywhere. Christmas string lights are usually the most common type of light used, but why would you want to have the same thing as everyone else? If you want to amp up your light game, go out and buy a few packs of ping pong balls. All you need to do is cut an opening into the ball (it might be easier to use an x-acto knife) and use them to cover each tiny bulb on your string of lights. You’ll get a warm glow that’ll make your room the coziest one on campus.



HCXO, Lindsey

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