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There are a million things you can learn throughout your college career, but here are just a few that everyone can relate to.

1. Friends will always come & go.

It’s important to remove toxic people from your life & put your happiness first. It’s seriously okay to be a little selfish sometimes. You’re going to make countless friendships throughout your life, so don’t sweat losing your college BFF. I was always told that everything happens for a reason. Keep in mind the same rule applies for boys too!

2. Being away from home can be a good thing.

I have personally always been on the independent side & love being away from home all school year. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to understanding what it’s like to live on your own, so enjoy every minute of it & make sure you learn from any mistakes you might make along the way.

3. It’s okay to not know what you want to do with your life.

I’m a 20-year-old college senior who still doesn’t know what she wants to do with her fashion & textiles degree, which is totally okay. I’m keeping my mind open about what doors could open up for me after I graduate. You should too. It’s okay to take a little break from life to focus on what’s best for you, but always make sure to keep your ambitions high.

4. Time management will always haunt you.

There’s nothing like missing dinner because of your night class, spending all afternoon in office hours, & skipping club meetings because of a test you need to study for. Learning how to manage your time is probably one of the biggest lessons you’ll learn in college. It’s the #1 thing my roommate Symantha complains about; “My whole life is that lesson, & I still don’t get it.” Same Sym, same.

5. Time. Flies.

I had the opportunity to skip an entire year of college, spending one year at home and two at Oneonta. There will definitely always be a piece of me that wishes I came to Oneonta as a freshman. Transferring here & meeting some of my absolute best friends made me realize how much you need to cherish every single second of your college experience. Stay in & have movie nights, go out to eat, take a trip to Binghamton, & just spend time with the people you care about. People really aren’t lying when they say these are the best years of your life.

HCXO, Lindsey


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