The 5 Skin Care Products That Can Help Get You Through Back to School Stress

With the new semester starting we are all experiencing the stress of dealing with classes and other new activities. Here are a few of my favorite skin care products that are going to get me through the semester!!

1. Rose Water 

Rose water has been my life saver, not only during this transitional weather but also with the back to school stress breakouts. The calming mist is a perfect touch any time of the day. The calming water moisturizes your face without leaving you greasy all while calming down an irritated face. It is definitely my go-to year-round.

2. Neutrogena Naturals Face Wash 

If you are a person like me with sensitive skin you know how hard it is to find a good face wash that doesn’t irritate your skin. This face wash from Neutrogena is so gentle on skin but leaves you feeling so clean and refreshed. And what better feeling than a freshly washed face after a long day of classes???

3. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes 

After a long day of being a student it is a great feeling to wipe away all the dirt, makeup, and grime from the day. These Simple cleansing wipes are super gentle on skin and leave you feeling so clean afterwards, without leaving a greasy or oiling feeling like some wipes do.4. Tea Tree Oil

4. Tea Tree Oil

We all get those annoying breakouts, especially with the stress of a new semester. Tea tree oil is a great match for those pesky pimples. Just dab a little bit on a cotton ball and spot treat those breakouts once a week and you will be good to go!

5. Witch Hazel

An awesome trick I have learned is that witch hazel makes an excellent toner as it cleanses your skin and helps fight acne. A little bit of witch hazel on a cotton ball, rub it all over your face before bed and you’ll cleanse your face even deeper. Just don’t forget to moisturize!


Mary Kate