The 5 Female Artists You Need to Know

With the decline of music outlets such as MTV and VH1, and the rise of digital mediums, such as Spotify, the way individuals access their favorite music has changed. Relying on the “Top 20 Countdown” to find new artists has now shifted to a “Discover Weekly” playlist on Spotify. It is now very easy for anyone to create their own music and publish it on sites such as SoundCloud and Spotify to start their fame. This brings forth a plethora of new artists that many may miss out on because their weekly discover playlist only contains 30 songs. For that reason, here are five powerhouse female artists that you cannot miss out on and need to check out.


1. Zella Day

With over a million listeners on Spotify, Zella Day creates timeless music. Her raspy vocals and raw melodies show a strong resemblance to Lana Del Rey and her airy 60s vibes. Songs such as “1965” and “Blood on the Mattress” truly show a vulnerable and powerful state that is hard to resist, yet easy to feel. Along with songs such as these, Day also has anthems, like “Hypnotic,” thats melody and beat, drive the listener to hit replay. The mass amount of media attention she has gotten and shows she has landed depicts that we are going to be hearing the name Zella Day a lot within the next year.

2. Charlotte Cardin

Charlotte Cardin brings a fresh new spin to the traditional power anthem. Her hit single, “Main Girl,” off her first album, takes a jazzy and electronic spin on the traditional, empowering break up song. Her gravelly vocals, that mirror those of Amy Whinehouse, are very enticing and drive her songs by depicting her passion. This album, “Main Girl,” is the perfect soundtrack for getting over a breakup, or just to sing along with in the shower. This first album release from Cardin being so successful and her current tour with popular artist, Borns, hints to the idea that this will not be the last we here from Cardin. Her irresistibly captivating vocals and melodies will keep her fanbase growing and waiting for her next release.

3. Sam Valdez

Unfortunately for us, Sam Valdez has only released three singles. The airy and serene mood given off in these songs create a very enticing sound, that keeps listeners on the lookout for more. The combination of folk and indie characteristics creates a new and simplistic sound that is very easy to listen to. Her songs tell stories of love and the loss that comes along with it. These relatable topics are easy to feel and sing along with. It is very easy to get lost in these songs and feel along with Valdez. This is only the beginning for Valdez as her enticing melodies are selling out her shows, and bringing her many fans and attention. She is definitely an artist to keep up on as she hopefully releases more music soon.

4. Billie Eilish

At only 16 years of age, Billie EIlish is taking the music industry by storm. This young prodigy has already released a highly successful album, multiple music videos, and even had a song featured on the hit Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.” Her hit single “Ocean Eyes” blew up on SoundCloud, as her comparison of love being like falling off a cliff related to many people, as everyone has faced a broken heart. While a song such as this is a good anthem to cry to, EIlish also has songs that are perfect to sing along to or laugh at the guy/girl you left behind. It is easy to see that this is just the beginning for Eilish. Her soulful, pure, and stripped sound is hard to resist and is something new for music.

5. Bishop Briggs

Recently stepping foot into the spotlight, singer/songwriter Bishop Briggs has already released a self-titled album with a certified gold single, “River,” and is working on her next. Her compelling voice and empowering lyrics create a unique sound that is enticing to all individuals. Her music contains such a powerful sound that shows creativity and dedication in things such as the trap-like beat, that is very popular in music today. Brigg’s ability to create power anthems makes her music almost irresistible. Her authenticity heard through her exposing her struggles, with things such as relationships, makes her very relatable and the perfect soundtrack to get over the guy/girl that broke your heart.

HCXO, Colette