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25 Adventurous Date Ideas

If you are anything like me, I love the outdoors and being adventurous. There are many other options besides spending money on a dinner and a movie. Not only will not spend money, but also get some cardio out of the way. Here are some adventurous and spontaneous date ideas you and your loved one could do!

  1. Hike a trail or a mountain 
  2. Hit up the amusement park
  3. ice skating or roller blading
  4. Bike riding or running 
  5. Take an unexpected road trip 
  6. Take a day trip to the city 
  7. Live sporting event 
  8. Apple picking (in the fall)
  9. Canoeing or kayacking 
  10. Cliff jumping 
  11. Drive-in movie
  12. Hit up the beach 
  13. Outdoor concert 
  14. Rock climbing 
  15. Water tubing or jet skiing 
  16. Mini golfing 
  17. Go to an arcade 
  18. Scuba diving 
  19. Swim with dolphins or go to an aquarium 
  20. Skiing or snowboarding 
  21. Sledding or play in the snow 
  22. Zip lining 
  23. Watch fireworks 
  24. Get tattoos 
  25. Wake up early and watch the sunrise 

If you’re searching for a thrill or want to discover something new, try these date ideas out! You’ll never want to go back to a dinner and movie date again!



Hi i'm Ashley! I am a senior at SUNY Oneonta and a communications major with a minor in public relations!
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