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10 Times Leslie Knope Quotes Perfectly Described Your Life


Anyone who’s ever seen Parks and Recreation knows that Leslie Knope is very fond of waffles, her best friend Ann Perkins, and the town of Pawnee. Another thing you’ve probably picked up on if you’ve ever seen this hilarious sitcom is that Leslie sure does have a way with words – and a good head on her shoulders. Here are 10 quotes from your favorite fictional female bureaucrat that perfectly describe situations we’ve all been in.


1. When you ask your friends for fashion advice:

Perks of living with friends: extra closets and extra opinions on whether or not you should actually wear cargo pants and a sexy hat for a first date.


2. When you have to take a step back and make sure your priorities are in line:

Because in what sort of horrible world would work come before delicious breakfast food and good pals?


3. When you get a somewhat decent amount of sleep for the first time in a very long time:

Clearly sleep isn’t on Leslie’s list of important things in life. Why rest when you can eat waffles instead?


4. When you need constant reassurance that your life isn’t falling apart:

Whether it be a family member, a friend, or a significant other, sometimes you just need someone to remind you that you’re doing just fine. Don’t tell me you haven’t called your mom late at night sobbing because you’re so swamped with work that you haven’t had time to eat anything other than Easy Mac in three days.


5. When it’s 3am, you’ve finally finished your 6-page paper, and you’re so excited to get into bed, but then you remember you have another project to finish and an exam to study for:

Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader.


6. When you watch so much Netflix you actually start to feel like you’re part of the show:

Is it really a Netflix binge if you don’t get so into a show that you end up feeling like you’re part of the cast? Let’s be honest, anyone who’s watched Grey’s can admit they feel like they’ve acquired enough medical knowledge to be an intern at Seattle Grace right alongside Meredith and crew. Scrub in? Don’t mind if I do.


7. When you’re a college student on a budget:

I think this one speaks for itself.    


8. When you have to make sure your best friend knows how much she means to you:

I think we can all agree that no one gives better compliments than Leslie Knope.


9. When you go home for break after being away at school and you’re so excited to be reunited with family and friends:

This applies to pets too.


10. And lastly, when you take the time to just breathe, look around, and realize how lucky you are despite the moments of chaos:

Well said, Leslie.


Marie is currently a junior at SUNY Oneonta studying Psychology and minoring in Spanish. In her free time you can find her laughing with her friends, hiking, or eating mac&cheese.
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