The 10 Best Costumes to Help You Stand Out This Halloween

Here’s some go-to Halloween costume ideas to get you ready for the season. They’re great for those last minute procrastinators, the make-up gurus, or heavy planners. Match with a bestie, roomies, or just by yourself!

1. Space Girl

Just another reason to cover yourself in sparkles!


2. Girl Scout

Girl Scout cookies! Come & get your cookies!


3. David Bowie

For this look, all you need is a little face makeup. It's super fun & won't hurt your college budget.


4. A Man's Greatest Fear

Last minute costume? Here's a spooky one for you.


5. Kim Possible

Call me, beep me if you wanna reach me!


6. Lilo & Stitch 

One of the most iconic best friend duos.


7. Feisty Fighters

Just throw on some cute gym clothes & boxing gloves, & then you're ready to kick some ass!


8. Frat Boys

Does this one even need a description?


9. Rachael Greene from Friends

Take your inner Rachael to a whole new level.


10. Bambi

This is another look that allows you to play around with makeup & show off your skills. 


I hope these costumes help get you in the Halloween spirit & ready for the best weekend of the semester!