YouTubers at Ole Miss You Probably Didn’t Know About But Should

By Sarah Smith

Recently I was trying to find other YouTubers in Oxford or at Ole Miss because being a YouTuber is cool and all, but I wanted to find others in the community close to me. I wanted to see what their lives were like, I wanted to hear their stories, read the books, whatever to learn about others in the area. I found two really cool YouTube channels in the process, and you know what else is cool is they’re friends! As y’all probably know about my insistent writing about YouTube, I’m a huge YouTube nerd. I think it’s absolutely amazing. So let’s get straight into these Ole Miss YouTubers. Tweet me if you are one or follow one @LiveSAS3!


Lindy Goodson

Lindy is all good vibes with her easy-going aesthetic, and y’all, this girl’s IG is popping! I mean if you are looking for inspo to get dressed into something cute, just follow her.




Bc its almost da weekend!! Also just uploaded a vid all ab how I edited this pic if ur into that kinda thang🤪

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Brynn Trahan

She is friends with Lindy and super fun as well. A newbie to Youtubing this was one of her new year’s resolutions. She’s fun and down to earth. Her videos remind me about what I personally love about video making.





Alexa play “take me out to the ball game”

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Sarah Schmitt

Now a shameless plug for my own videos: I make videos almost every week, reviewing random beauty products I find at Marshalls, and vlogging about life. These are my subcategories right now: SAS REVIEWS and SAS VLOGS. I also am going to start a mini cooking series soon with friends.