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Your Perfect Spring Break Packing Last

by Abbey Edmonson

  • double the amount of underwear you think you’d need (trust me)
  • half the amount of swimsuits you think you’d need (for real)
  • hats… lots of them
  • at least 2-3 books
  • magazines if you don’t like books (Shame on you… but really though, we all do it.)
  • headphones (so you can listen to those summer jams and pretend like it’s warm)
  • sunglasses (No, not your new Ray Bans.)
  • needed electronics
  • chargers (for all electronics… no one wants to watch you break down as your battery inevitably dies) 
  • camera (for those beautiful and ~artsy~ Instagram pics)
  • a small sketchbook or journal (for when you aren’t feeling the reading or tanning vibe)
  • at least 2-3 beach towels
  • beach bag
  • those cool cupholder things you stick in the sand
  • ALL toiletries
  • your essential makeup (It’s the beach, you don’t have to get too snazzy.)
  • hair products (the beach is mean to those silky locks)
  • shoes you don’t mind leaving out
  • shoes you do mind leaving out
  • a couple of cute outfits
  • coffeemaker if the condo/house/hotel doesn’t have one already
  • a hand-mirror if you’re squeezing in with a large group and don’t wanna fight for space in the bathroom
  • any feminine products you may unfortunately need

    and most importantly,

  • a can-do attitude and a smile:)

Yay I hope you have fun everyone!!

HC Ole Miss
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