Wine or Whine? The coping of a college girl

By: Ellie Greenberger

Fall semester is always hard for me. It is such a long stretch from Labor Day to Thanksgiving where teachers are giving more and more work and life is still hard. This semester for me I have been in school, working, being part of organizations on campus and interning and I would love to say that I am always competent at all of it. I would love to say that I juggle it all with grace. 


I don’t always though. I have anxiety and I have bad days. And I get frustrated because I know so many people deal with so much more. 


Most of the time, if you see me around, I am frazzled and running from one place to the next. 

Now here’s the problem I run into. I like to complain a lot even when I'm not really that upset about having to do something. Its easy to go “Ughhhhh I have to do XYZ.” And most of the time a little whining isn't so bad. But sometimes I have to take a step back and remind myself to be positive. 


Its hard sometimes and sometimes I have to find relaxing things to do in order to be in a healthy mindset. 


Many times when I get stressed out I will take a nap, a bath, watch some TV or read a book. (Reading a book makes me feel good about myself because I can excuse the fact that I am not wasting time instead of studying). I sometimes get in my car, play music and drive around until I get lost to calm myself down. Some people may have other ways that they cope. Some people need a glass of wine and that is totally fine too. Each person has something that works for them. 


When I was at home in high school, I used to go in my backyard and swing on the swing set while listening to music to deal with stress. 


Coping with school isn't easy and that's okay, but always remember that mental health comes first. Its also good to remember that you are not alone. You are not the only person that struggles, but you are also not the only person out there. There are plenty of people that are willing to help if you reach out to them.


So next time you are struggling with stress its up to you to whine or wine.