Why My Mom Is My Hero Every Halloween

By Sarah Smith

Looking back on Halloweens’ past, I remember always having a rough time not fitting in or getting to do as much as others my age. However, one thing I always remember is that, no matter what, my mom tried to make it the best she could. Just like she did everything else.

I remember the year my mom took my siblings and me to a little Halloween costume contest they had put on somewhere. I had won “Best Costume” in my age range. I was dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I remember the night before, standing in the first house I had ever lived in with my mom, braiding my hair. I was wearing a Wizard of Oz onesie with the whole cast on the front, walking down the yellow brick road. My mom poked Dorothy. “That’s what you’re gonna look like tomorrow,” Momma said with a smile. I remember laughing in response to that. I don’t remember anything after that, but that tender moment about Halloween has stayed in my heart for years.

After my family moved from Mississippi to Montana, I remember the first Halloween in Montana when my mom helped me look like a black cat, putting me in a long black sleeve tee shirt and painting my face. She would take us to Walmart or Albertson’s to buy some candy and rent a movie from the little movie rental place there.

Afterward, when we returned to Mississippi after two years of living in Montana, my mom helped keep that fun, happy, and encouraging spirit throughout the years. Whether it was helping me dress up as a nurse to go Trick or Treating with my nephews and Julia, who I had a blast with all those years ago. Or going out with my friend, Brittany Abbott, dressed as Athena, the Greek goddess to hang out. Then after that, before going with my sister helping me dress up as a gypsy.

No matter the day, my mom has been there - helping me get ready. Unfortunately in my life, I haven’t gotten the chance to spend as much time with my mom as I’ve hoped to, but I will tell you this– no matter what, Halloween has been a day my mom has always tried to make special for me. I never really thought about why Halloween was my favorite holiday. I always thought it was because of candy and getting to dress up. But today, as I really thought about it, I know it’s because it is a holiday that brought my mom and me closer. For most people, that’s Christmas or Thanksgiving, but for me, it’s Halloween. And it’s Halloween because of my mom.