Why I believe having a job in college is important

By Ashley Surber

Why I believe having a job in college is important—

Working was almost equivalent as driving for me once I turned 16. I remember walking into my first job for my very brief interviewing and being so nervous I would say something wrong, little did I know it’s not nearly as intimidating as I thought. It was just another building block in the work ethic I would soon begin to build, an effort unlike the one I had built in school.


Working gives us a sense of responsibility, it allows you to understand the meaning of sacrifice. It creates an understanding of how you choose to spend and what you spend it on because you no longer depend on someone else to do that for you. It gives you an appreciation for the things you have been given as well as the things you are working so hard for. It has made me realize how hard my parents worked for the things they gave me growing up. It makes me hopeful that going into the world after college, I will not only be prepared but enthusiastic because I know he value in working for what you want and need.


A job now forces you to manage your time with diligence, because while balancing that with your schoolwork and involvement it can be overwhelming but rewarding when you can manage it all amidst the chaos. It allows you to understand that as an adult you may have an even greater workload and even greater responsibility outside of the workplace.


In my opinion, the chose to have a job while in school is a mindset, not that it is a burden but that it is something to be extremely grateful, whether you are in great need of making money or not. You learn so many valuable lessons, meet really interesting and enjoyable people and can also have so much fun with it. It’s all about how we approach responsibility, sacrifice and the commitment to do your best work.