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By Abbey Edmonson

Hello, it’s me, your local coffee shop and good vibe enthusiast. I have done extensive research to bring to you my top ten list of the best study spots around town. Without further adieu, let’s begin.


#10: The main floor of the library

Ah, the library. A place for studying, reading, and talking at a normal volume when you should be whispering or not talking at all. Don’t get me wrong, if you can get in the zone pretty easily, the library is a wonderful place to get some work done. However, because it’s the hub of campus, people tend to chat it up on the main floor. Personally, I’m not a huge fan; therefore, the main floor of the library is at the bottom of this list.


#9: Starbucks

Alright, we all know Starbucks can be perfect for studying… if you’re basic. No seriously, we have all these amazing coffee shops in Oxford, and you choose to give your money to Starbucks? No chance. I’m not gonna lie, I, too, am a frequent customer, but I’m there for a good time, not a long time. With a city as cool as Oxford, y’all need to start branching out and finding those hidden gems.


#8: Bryant Hall

In case you don’t know what building this is, it’s the one with the giant globe and the beautiful stained glass windows in the stairwells. Bryant is quite possibly my favorite building on Ole Miss’s campus. It has so much charm, and it’s beautiful. It’s also gloriously quiet. There’s a giant room with couches, and armchairs, AND tables (oh my!). The only downfall is there isn’t any food nearby. Despite that major downside, this place deserves a spot on the list. Go check it out if you haven’t already.


#7: Cups

Cups is adorable, don’t get me wrong. The new remodel is amazing, and they even have little, single-person tables for those hardcore study sessions. I also LOVE the people who work there. However, due to how amazing it is, it’s ALWAYS crowded. There has been more than one occasion where I’ve walked into the store, backpack in hand, and turned right back around because literally every seat was taken. They also require you to buy something before you can use the wifi, and that can get annoying. It’s lovely, but it’s too popular.


#6: Uptown

Uptown is my favorite coffee shop in Oxford by far. It has good music, a great location, and the most interesting people. Not to mention their coffee is phenomenal. Every time I go there, I find the most eclectic people ever. When Fred Armisen came to Oxford, he said that he saw a lot of Portland-type characters in Uptown. BUT as cool and hip as it is, it can be slightly difficult to study there because the music is a little too loud. It’s more of a social spot than a study spot. I still study there from time to time just because I love it, however, it does have its ups and downs.


#5: Square Books

Who doesn’t love Square Books, am I right? I am 100% a huge fan of this adorable, old study spot. The porch upstairs is absolutely stunning, and the feeling of studying up there on a sunny and 70 degree day is indescribable. They even have a mini coffee shop on the second floor. The only thing about this place is that it heavily depends on the weather and they don’t have wifi. But if you have some free data and some nice weather, you should definitely try Square Books out.


#4: High Point

Not many people know about this cute lil coffee shop on Old Taylor. It used to be where Uptown is now, but it recently moved to a bigger location with a drive-thru. I love High Point because it was basically built so people could study there. They have free wifi and small study rooms in the back. Yeah, you heard me, study rooms! They literally built tiny rooms with a desk and a chair in each one just so that people could have a place to shut out the world and get their work done. The people who work there are also super nice, and they have a punch card deal where if you get 10 drinks from there, you can get the 11th one free! I’m a big fan.


#3: The Graduate

The Graduate happens to be where I’m writing this article right now. It also seems to be built with the idea of students in mind. The lobby has a giant table with outlets galore, and their café serves breakfast and lunch ALL DAY. Not to mention its beautiful aesthetic. I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere that has pink wooden floors. They have beautiful artwork by local artists, and it just ties everything together and creates a very happy atmosphere. Unlike Uptown, their music is not too loud, and they have free wifi. During finals week, they’ll do things like give out free insomnia cookies to the struggling students who basically live in their lobby. This place can be pretty crowded too. All in all, it’s an excellent study spot.


#2: Beagle Bagel

Okay, so this one is a little random. I personally love Beagle Bagel because it’s never crowded, the people who work there are hilarious, they have a chill vibe, and they have AMAZING food. Beagle Bagel is the place you wanna go if you know you’re gonna be camping out and studying all day. I personally like going there when I need to crank out an essay. They serve breakfast and lunch, so you can get there in the morning and stay all afternoon. I placed it higher than The Graduate because it isn’t as crowded all of the time. We love a hidden gem.


#1: The Archive Lobby in the Library

I can’t believe I’m actually telling people about this spot. This is one of my best-kept secrets and most treasured study spots. If you go to the third floor of the library on campus and make your way to the archive rooms, you will find a lobby with a bunch of old wooden desks. The whole room is extremely quiet, and it’s right above the Starbucks in the library, so you’d have easy access to food and refreshments if need be. There are bathrooms that no one uses, and the archives are right there so you can take a historical study break if you feel moved to. But I haven’t even mentioned the best part about the whole thing. Inside the wooden desks, you will find handwritten notes scrawled into the bottoms of the drawers from students dating as early as the 1960s. I’ve spent many a time reading over the small love notes that previous students have written, and imagining where they are now. There are so many stories documented through the tiniest of hints, completely forgotten. I can spend hours upon hours in that one room and never get bored. If you enjoy sweet sentiments as much as I do, I urge you to try it out.

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