Stay Safe in Your Car

By: Ellie Greenberger

With the holidays all approaching, one of the things that is necessary to think about is vehicle safety. Obviously, it is good to practice safe trying all the time, but here are a couple of easy things to keep in your car to also keep you safe:

- Ice Scraper (If you are from the north, this one may be more necessary than in Mississippi. But its also good to remember if you move up north to change your windshield wiper fluid to one that doesn't freeze. I learned this lesson the hard way driving down the interstate in Pittsburgh, PA).

- Safety Hammer (this emergency escape and rescue tool allows you to cut through seat belts, smash windows and will help start a fire)

- Jumper cables 

- Tire air pump

- Flashlight

- Blankets

- Water and a Snack 

- Car charger 

- Pepper Spray


Obviously, you may not keep all of these things in your car at one time or any of these things in your car at all. Each person is different, but I prefer all of my belongings to resemble Mary Poppins bag. My dad on the other hand only keeps a large stick in his car in case he needs to prop open his hood. Just remember to be safe wherever your going and let someone know when you leave and when you get there.