A Playlist for the Girl That's Been Played

Relationship dynamics in college are more confusing than trying to figure out a problem on your physics problem set. Yeah, I said it. It’s hard to know who’s being serious and who’s just playing games. As a college woman who’s been played many times, I relate. And the way I cope and get over guys I never even technically dated is by blaring and singing along to music relating to my mood. I’ve put together a playlist, just for y’all. I’ll break them up into three phases (cuz these are the three phases I’ve experienced. The last one varies, of course.):

The “I’m Sad and Just Want to Sulk” Phase

Yeah, he just played with your heart. Threw it on the ground, stomped it beneath his feet, grinning like the Joker the entire way. And now, you’re hurt and don’t want to think about him, even though it seems everything reminds you of him and you can’t escape the idea of him. You just want to drown in self-pity (and maybe some wine). It’s okay to sulk. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be angry. These songs are the epitome of this phase.

Tequilawine by Olivia O’Brien  This song is so relatable. Olivia O’Brien got it right. She sings of the struggles of seeing the guy that played you and trying to act like it doesn’t bother you. It’s especially relatable when she sings, “I wanna waste your time like you wasted mine. Imma mix these drinks till you’re out of focus, so I don’t even notice.”

Figures by Jessie Reyez  Another song for when you want them to feel like you do. The lyrics literally spoke to my soul when I was hurting, and Jessie’s voice is uniquely beautiful.

Forgetting All About You by Phoebe Ryan  Phoebe Ryan participates in all of the reckless, destructive activities we wish we could partake in. She speaks to the unfortunate lengths it sometimes takes to get over someone. The beat of the song is a sort of light-hearted, upbeat song but the lyrics themselves are not so much.

2 Cigarettes by Jack & Jack  Ah, Jack & Jack. Gotta love them. This song really hits you hard when Jack Gilinsky says, “I smoke two cigarettes, and I don’t even smoke.” Another lyric in this playlist alluding to the amount of difficulty it is to get over someone.

Over My Head by FLETCHER  FLETCHER is one of my favorite undiscovered artists. Her songs are so emotionally relatable, and I love her voice. Over My Head is a song about being head over heels for someone, so into that person it’s comparable to a drug addiction. While this song isn’t particularly about losing that guy, it fits this category because you feel like you need that person, like they’re the drug you’re addicted to and can’t live without. And without them, you feel like you’re drowning.

Fools and Jokers by Emily James  Emily James’ voice is absolutely breathtaking and the lyrics of this song are so perfect. She sings of a love much like a game of cards – “But fools and jokers are the same, You took my heart with your ace, I never stood a chance.” Some other relatable lyrics are “You're probably three girls over this, but your lips are the last I've kissed and that was months ago.”

Praying by Kesha  Kesha’s comeback was so powerful with the release of her album Rainbow. This song is about hoping that the person that did you wrong is praying on their knees and changing to be a better person, even if it’s not for you, for their own sake.

The “I’m a Bad B**ch Anyways and Don’t Need No Man” Phase

Okay, so who really has time for a man anyway, right? Or at least that’s how you feel in this phase. I worked myself harder than ever during this phase, trying to distract myself. And, of course, I honestly felt (still do most of the time) like I was too independent and too much of a go-getter for a relationship anyways. Always busy and working on myself, I started to feel so much better. Like they always say, love yourself so that when no one else does, you still have someone.

Memories by Rachelle Maust  Rachelle is a boss babe, and in this song she sings about how she is so over her ex. She sings about all the “dirt” she has on him and how she would wish him the best, but he had it (AKA her!). I really love her attitude and confidence, and I believe you will too.

Fuck Feelings by Olivia O’Brien  You guessed it! Olivia O’Brien sings about how she hates feelings in this song and how they ruin her life and waste her time. Relatable, right?

motherlove by Bea Miller  Bea Miller is honestly my idol. So many of her songs are about self-love and being yourself. Genius.com explains this song perfectly and wrote, “‘mother love’ explores Bea’s mission to be more than just a backup plan for a guy’s failed hookup, to love herself both figuratively and physically.”

A Thousand Times by Ella Mai  Ella Mai really hits home in this song, singing about how she tried her best to treat him right but she still got hurt. She takes the words right out my mouth when she says, “If you ever move on to another one that you find, I hope you fall and you break your heart like you broke mine” and “I hope the next girl you love ends up fucking you over, a thousand times over.”

How to Be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds  This song is like the play guide for the girl that doesn’t want to get hurt. A fun, upbeat song to educate you on How to be a Heartbreaker, Marina herself made this comment about her idea for this song. “Before I wrote the album I was in love with this person who didn’t make enough effort. He wasn’t really in love with me and I’d never experienced that before. I was like ‘I never want that to happen again.’”

Might Not Like Me by Brynn Elliott  Honestly one of my favorites, this song by Brynn Elliott is empowering and will cause you to stop for a second and think, “Maybe it really is him, and not me.” Because, as Brynn Elliott would say, “If you don’t like girls that are stronger than you, and if you don’t like girls that are faster than you, and if you don’t like girls that are smarter than you, well then you might not like me.”

The “Okay, Now He Wants Me Back and I Need to Think Real Hard About My Decision” Phase

So you’ve both had time apart. And he realizes what he is missing out on. Or maybe he just misses the sex. Or maybe he’s matured and is actually ready for a relationship. Whatever the reason may be for wanting you back (he probably won’t tell you), it takes a lot of thought to decide whether or not to give this guy a second chance. Here are some songs to give you different moods.

buy me diamonds by Bea Miller  Bea Miller’s on my list again, yes. Bea’s ex lover wants her back, said he’s changed. This song cleverly compares her ex’s love to diamonds, saying she’d rather have something she knows won’t run out and leave her cold. Something that won’t tell her lies and make her cry. She’s a savage.

IDGAF by Dua Lipa  This boss babe doesn’t want anything to do with her ex, who suddenly decided to reappear when she got famous. She’s too busy and too smart to go back to a man who couldn’t realize her worth before her fame.

Psychopath by Charlotte Lawrence, Nina Nesbitt, and Sasha Sloan  This trio tells him who’s boss, not letting him sneak his way back into their heart. My favorite lyric? “And I let all the other boys take off your sweatshirt, the one you gave to me when we still worked.” Talk about shade!

Gateway Drug by Bebe Rexha  Bebe knows that one kiss with her ex may lead to other things that may hurt her in the long run. Which is relatable because it’s true. Moral of this song, be careful when interacting with your ex. It may lead in directions you don’t want it to go.

Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato  The ultimate hype song for the girl that glowed up. Now he wants you, but you’re too good for him. “Being so bad got me feeling so good.” Tell ‘em, Demi!

I.C.Y.M.I. by Daya  The title of this song is an acronym that stands for “in case you missed it.” Daya just wants her ex to know, in case he missed it, she is completely over him.

Little Do You Know by Alex & Sierra  He wants you back but being scared of the same thing happening again is okay. This song is beautiful and is actually taking two perspectives on the relationship. She is hesitant to forgive him and move forward, singing about needing more time. He is singing about how much he loves her and how he never wants to leave her. It kinda makes you feel good to hear him try to win her back.


Here’s a Spotify link to the playlist! Hope you enjoy!

Have any songs to add to this playlist? It’s collaborative, so add what songs you’d like to help others who’ve been through it! Or, you can tweet me @TaylorCabrera97 or HerCampus Ole Miss @HCOleMiss and we’ll add the song!