My Top Five Starbucks Orders

By Marley Cruise

5. Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with two Espresso Shots

This is a once or twice a year drink for me for two reasons. First, it's basically just vanilla ice cream; I prefer my coffee to taste like coffee hence the added espresso. Second, because I'm not generally an iced or sweetened coffee kind of girl, I prefer mine hot and bitter (like myself). However, on the rare occasion that I want caffeine but not coffee, this is my go to.

4. Black Iced coffee with Caramel

I get this when it's hot outside and I'm desperate for a caffeine rush before my last class of the day. Pro-tip, the iced coffee at Starbucks is very strong, so I always add a splash of milk to mine just to combat some of the bitterness. I also get some kind of pastry to eat with it (my favorite is the blueberry scone).

3. Dirty Chai Tea Latte (I prefer hot, but you can do iced)

This is a chai tea but with espresso. It's fantastic and sweet enough to fix a craving but not as sweet as number 5. Beware, if you get it iced, it is way sweeter.

2. Matcha Green Tea Latte

It’s funny to me that the only drink on my list that doesn't contain coffee is so high, but I guess that just goes to show how much I love it. This is a good night time drink if I'm having a rough time doing homework but don't need too much caffeine.

1.Dry Cappuccino  


A cappuccino is typically my first order whenever I go to a new cafe because it’s my favorite, relatively simple to make, and a good indicator of a good barista. Now, Starbucks is not an artisanal coffee bar by any means, but cappuccinos are a good classic drink no matter where you get them. I order mine dry which means that there is more foam in the drink than milk. This makes the coffee stronger. The other option is to order it wet which is more milk than foam.