Malcolm Gandar


Malcolm Gandar

By: Jasmin Maastricht

International student and professional rugby player, Malcolm Gandar shares his insights into rugby and why he loves it so much. 




Her Campus: Tell us about yourself; have you always been interested in rugby?


Malcolm Gandar: I have been interested in rugby for as long as I can remember. Both my mum and dad watched it, as well as my extended family and my friends. Growing up in New Zealand, rugby is taken very seriously so it is constantly on the news, TV etc. Even if you personally don’t like the sport, living in New Zealand makes you follow the game.


HC: How did you first get into rugby?


MG: I always watched rugby on TV, especially the Super 15 competition, as well as when the New Zealand All Blacks played. I first started playing once I moved to Australia. I had the option at my school of playing rugby or soccer in 4th grade and decided to start playing rugby.


HC: Are you looking for a career in rugby?


MG: I am not looking for a career in rugby. I have had too many injuries due to my physical size, or lack thereof. I play for a semi-professional club in Australia but it is far too much dedication to make a career out of rugby


HC: What has been your favorite moment in rugby so far?


MG: My favourite moment was probably my first game in my schools 1st XV in 11th grade. I was 16 and was playing the top team in the competition. Also the 2010 season where we only lost one game was a highlight of my career.


HC: Do you have any advice for rugby players who are just starting out?


MG: My advice would be to try the game. Don’t go half hearted if you want to play rugby, go in with a good attitude, ready to play and enjoy it. It is a fantastic game, especially the social aspects of the game and worth trying.


HC: What are your hopes and goals with rugby?


MG: I hope to remain physically able to play for many more years. Even if I stop playing competitively, I still want to remain part of a rugby club for years to come. I also want to keep playing competitively for a few more years, hopefully play a few games for my clubs 1st grade side.


HC: Is there anything else you want the readers to know?


MG: Rugby is a fantastic game and is growing worldwide. It is the fastest growing sport in the USA and for good reason. Get involved, have a go and you won’t regret it.