Juliet Kalifeh

Juliet Kalifeh

By: Darby Radcliff

Her Campus: Tell us about yourself.

Juliet Kalifeh: My name is Juliet and I am from New Orleans. I have two siblings, a younger sister, and an older brother who goes to Ole Miss. I love running track and cross country and hanging out with friends, but overall I love to sing.

HC: Have you always been interested in music?

JK: I have been interested in music practically since I was born. My parents played music non-stop around the house, and I guess it could have gone either way with me, either hating it or loving it, but I ended up loving music. I have known from a very young age that whatever I did when I grew up would have to deal with music.

HC: How did you first get into music and what was your first show to perform at?

JK: My parents first got me into music by bringing me to live shows or just listening to it around the house.
I really have always loved music, so they never exactly did anything special to make me sing. I would go around the house singing constantly.

Around the age of 12, I finally started taking voice lessons. There were recitals for the parents here and there, but the first time I got up to perform for a big audience was at a business convention that my dad was involved in. During my dad's business convention in Alabama, there was a guy hired to sing and play karaoke songs. When they asked for volunteers, my parents both looked at me and said if this is what I wanted to do, then it was now or never. Terrified, and after a lot of convincing, I went up and sang. It seemed that people liked it, and the karaoke guy called me up on stage all night long.

HC: Who inspires you for your singing career?

JK: Carrie Underwood is one of my main influences in music. She’s beautiful, has an amazing voice, and can actually play guitar. The people who don’t believe in me and don’t really think music is something that I can really do as a career are also some of the same people that inspire me. They inspire me to work hard and prove them wrong.

HC: What was the inspiration behind your first EP called “Something ‘Bout You?"

JK: “Something Bout You" was my first EP, and the songs on there describe feelings that girls sometimes feel towards guys, and I would say it’s pretty relatable. The songs and music arrangement were chosen based on the type of music that I like. I love to sing about guys, and I also like that type of country music with the mandolin, banjo and other instruments of that sort. Mostly, I like songs with a kick to them, and I think my music really encompasses all of that.

HC: What has been your favorite moment in your singing career so far?

JK:There have been a few moments in my singing career that I will remember forever. My first performance with my band, singing Love Bug with the Jonas Brothers at a Meet and Greet, and singing and recording with members of the Sugarland band last summer are hard to beat.

But, one great moment in my career, occurred recently when I was on my own singing to a sold out crowd at the UNO Lakefront Arena. Ironically, it wasn’t country music at all that I was singing either! It was more of a hip hop event that the organization Crime Stoppers of New Orleans was putting on for at-risk teens.

Knowing this would be a different crowd than I was used to playing for, I knew the exact thing to do. I was recently asked to record a hip hop/rap song with a local artist, Alex Pantazis- better known as Filey. I called him and asked if he was interested, and he said yes, no hesitation. I mean, a Crime Stoppers event at the Arena with an estimated 7,500 people and members of the recording company Young Money Cash Money could be good exposure for anyone. On the day of my show, I totally felt like a rock star. We got the total royal treatment with a dressing room with all sorts of food there for us, and then it was show time. Everyone seemed to love our song, Dreamer, and people flocked towards us afterwards asking for pictures. This show was not the usual gig, and was definitely a very memorable moment.

HC: What is your best advice for aspiring singers?

JK: My best advice for aspiring singers is to never give up on their dream. If they want it and can see themselves doing it, then never give up, but just know that it’s going to take a lot of hard work.

HC: What are your hopes and goals for your music career?

JK: My goals for my music career is to of course, make some great music and eventually get on the Grammy’s and one day become a household name, but I’m going to keep working on that one. For now, I hope that I’ll be able to touch people with my music and have them be able to relate to it.

HC: For current fans and future fans out there, what are you upcoming show dates?

JK: The next performance that I have is actually a debutante party, but after that I am going to Nashville to perform around town there.

HC: Is there anything else you would like for the readers to know?

JK: I guess the only thing is to let everyone know how much I appreciate their support. I am so grateful to have the best friends and family and now a new band to work with. Please check out my website, julietsings.com, and I hope to be singing for everyone soon!

For More Information, Check out Juliet's:

Album: http://bit.ly/JQJ99D

Website: http://www.julietsings.com/

Facebook Page: http://on.fb.me/KZLizk