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Job Hunting in 2020


During this time, it is easy to get discouraged about looking for a new job, but don’t give up! While we are in a pandemic, companies are still hiring! Many companies are having to hire more people just to take care of the extra cleaning protocols, others are hiring simply because they are shorthanded. 


 I have looked endlessly at job descriptions trying to find just about anything that I can apply for. Many seniors, like myself, are stressing out about their future. Everything is uncertain right now and we have no idea what will happen. I have been trying to go about it as stress-free as possible, but I have had little luck.

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 I have found it extremely hard to find jobs that I am interested in that do not require previous experience. This is something that I’m sure all college seniors and graduates have to deal with. The one thing I keep asking myself is “How do I get experience when every job wants you to have previous experience in the role?”. I have tried to figure it out and I’ve talked to family members and school professionals about the issue. I have come up with just a few things that may help.  


The main thing is to not be afraid to apply for anything. In some cases, like mine, you will find several jobs that say “2-4 years experience”. Don’t be afraid, just go for it! The worst thing that can happen is they say you do not meet the requirements. If you don’t have actual work experience then maybe you have some type of school experience with an organization or part-time job. While a little different from having work experience, having an organization experience can be very beneficial. Any experience that you possess, even if just at a fast-food restaurant, can be used to your advantage you just have to know how to use it! 


If you are still in school talk with your professors or career center. These people have been in your shoes and their job is to help you! Also, think about talking to alumni that work at the same company you want to work at. The easiest way to do this is to look on LinkedIn, it shows you, alumni that work at a company. Don’t be afraid to message them and find out how they got there and if they have any tips for you. Remember to do this professionally, do not bluntly ask them if they can get you a job. 


Another thing that I have recently learned, is that maybe I am not going to get that “big-time” job right away, and that is okay. It took some time, but I have changed my mindset all together in the way I have been looking for jobs. While I still believe I can work in a higher-up position, I have also been applying for lower-level positions. Sometimes you have to start at the bottom and work your way up to where you want to be. This is a very important thing to remember when job hunting.  


I have put all of these things into my planning for job hunting and hopefully, it will be successful (fingers crossed). Just remember not to give up! You will find your dream job, maybe not at first, but you will get there eventually!


Good luck to all the Job Hunters out there!

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Morgan is a senior at the University of Mississippi. She is a Business Marketing major with an emphasis in Digital Marketing. Morgan is a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Ole Miss and was previously the Marketing Director. She is also a Campus Trendsetter for Her Campus. Morgan is also the Treasurer of the Student Marketing Association at the University.
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