How to Make it Through Allergies and Pollen Season

By Ella McIlvain

If you're anything like me the spring bloom of flowers comes with pollen and it hits me hard.  I have always dealt with allergies, from stuffy nose to itchy eyes.  I know was always difficult, and I didn’t like the help and advice that my dad was trying to give me on how to get through the season, but over the years and now out on my own I've determined some of my own tips.  I hope this helps you to enjoy the lovely spring flowers and spring days with minimal allergy problems. 

  1. MEDICINE!! It takes some trial to see what works for you but wow does it help so much.  I personally use Zyrtec and It works like charm.  Try both regular allergy relief and a decongestant for when your feeling really stuffy.
  2. KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF YOUR FACE! It’s important to not rub your eyes even though they itch and its tempting, if you rub you could be getting more dirt or pollen in your eyes making it worse and irritated.
  3. WATCH YOUR HANDS! Be careful with what you touch.  This time of year everything outside is coated in the pesky yellow dust.  So ibe cautious on what your touching and KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN.
  4. STEAM IT UP! I love to take a hot shower at the end of the day the heat and the steam helps with the congestion and cleans your eyes too.
  5. HAVE A TISSUE ON HAND! In case you have a stuffy and runny nose have a tissue on hand to wipe or give it a blow to help decongest you, 
  6. DRINK HERBAL TEA! I love to drink some soothing and zingy herbal teas.  They really help to clear my head and make me feel better.  There are so many wonderful and healthful herbal teas out there that help to make you feel better.

We are here it’s spring and pollen is out but there is no need to feel terrible!