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How To Keep Faith A Priority In College

by Ella McIlvain

College can be a lot to handle due to its major challenge of time management.  It’s probably for most students their first time away from home and they have to learn what that's like.  The big question is how are you going to spend your time and what is important for you.  I personally was excited to have the liberty to fill and structure my time and in doing so I learned you can’t do it all and you have to prioritize.  One of the musts for me was to find a strong faith group; I grew up in a catholic home and was used to going to church. But now at school it was kind of up to my discretion like will I continue too, will I have the discipline to get my butt out of bed and make it to church? And many other question about where my faith would head during this time.  One of the wonderful aspects of being a freshman is that first semester all the clubs and organization are throwing themselves at you helping to make you aware of just all there is for you to potentially get involved it and it's a great resource.  Through the welcome week activities, getting to try out different groups I found on campus and off campus ministries that peaked my interest.  I liked the aspect of an on campus ministry there for meeting during the week in combination with Sunday service.  Joining and or attending on campus ministry activities and gatherings is a great way to keep a strong tie to your faith.  Additionally in the more personal aspect I have found it is helpful to carve out a certain time in your day to have some quiet time with yourself and you can make use of that time by reading a devotional, reading the bible, journaling or in reflection and prayer however you like to spend that time of connection.  In my sorority, we have bible studies which serve as a great way to spend time in the word and faith focused as well.  I feel a great difference in my day and week when I don’t get my time to devo, time to attend a ministry gathering, or church.  I know despite what school and life throws at me that when I give my time to grow in my faith it gives me peace and strength for me to tackle what is ahead.

So if you need some guidance on how to grow your faith while at college here is a quick start list to help that helped me:

  1. Look up your campus organizations and see if there are any pertaining to faith; small/large group gatherings, bible studies, services, missions etc.If you’re in a sorority see if they hold bible studies and or start and bible study!
  2. Look up the Churches or other religious establishments in your school’s area and check to see if they have any student groups.
  3. Ask friends of any other opportunities they know of.
  4. Pray. Ask God to help guide you to where you need to be and see where He calls you. 
  5. Carve out time in your day for quiet time
  • Reading a devotional
  • Reading the Bible
  • Prayer
  • Journaling
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