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Have a Tail-Waggin’ Christmas, The Right Way

It’s the best time of the year for all, including our beloved pets! Wanting to shower them with Santa gifts and treats? Here’s how you should do it! 



     Every pet owner wants their pet to be happy and to feel included in family events. This is very thoughtful, but some things need to be monitored for pets! One of those being TREATS. The majority of pets have allergies, either plant or food-based. So if you feed your pet chicken flavored, steak flavored, lamb flavored, etc… be sure to stick with that flavor in treats! Switching flavors could cause an upset stomach, skin irritation, and just a painful holiday for pets! If you want to include more vegetables in their diets, there are veggie treats available. Just make sure your pet isn’t allergic to that plant! An easy way to check is to read the ingredients on your pet’s food bag. If your pet isn’t having diarrhea, vomiting, hair loss, pale gums, or loss of appetite, then one of the plants listed will most likely be okay to give as a treat. For an exact allergen reading, there are allergy tests available at your local vet clinic! They usually range $100-$300, depending on location.

Other things to look out for during the holidays are listed below:

Turkey skin/ham: Can cause pancreatic irritation and could lead to pancreatitis even in small amounts. 

Onion/garlic: Can cause anemia.

Grapes/raisins: Can cause kidney failure.

Chocolate: It can cause heart problems when consumed in large amounts.

Nutmeg/sage: This can cause diarrhea and nervous system complications. 

Yeast dough: Can cause painful gas and bloating.



     Among all of the family chaos, your pet should have access to a safe, quiet place. All of the commotions can cause severe stress and anxiety to your pet. This could lead to your pet feeling very unsafe and causing diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, hair loss, and aggression. 

     If you know your pet is uncomfortable around guests, then put them in a different room or in a crate with their favorite toy/treat. If this will not work, then talk to your local vet about boarding. This will ensure a quiet, safe place while the family is over. If this is unavailable to you, then be sure to watch the home exits closely! A frightened animal might make a run for the door! Microchips are very handy when scares like this happen.

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     If an animal emergency occurs during the holidays, be sure to call a vet’s office immediately! If you’re close to a 24hr clinic, I would advise going there save you an emergency fee. But if your pet is suffering and its life is on the line, then GO TO THE CLOSEST CLINIC. Time is invaluable!


These are just a few of the little things that go a long way in ensuring your pet has a Merry Christmas! 

Happy Holidays to you and your family–including the fuzzy ones!


to be continued...
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