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Goals to Get Me through the Week

By: Ellie Greenberger

Some people have lofty goals for each year that they plan out perfectly and execute. They create New Year’s Resolutions and stick to them.

Those are all great things, but I am not one of those people. I can’t plan my month in advance much less the whole year, so I have to go week by week and make small goals and tasks to compete during that time. I write them down and cross them off. Here is an example from the past week:


  • Work on project- It’s due Thursday!

  • Go home and go vote

  • Study for test Friday

  • Buy scantron for test Friday

  • Take test Friday

  • Figure out thesis

  • Find a thesis director

  • Fill out the form due last week

  • Fill out the form due this week

  • Remember Katherine’s birthday

  • Go to class

  • Go to work

  • Delete photos from camera

  • Meet with friends

  • Go to breakfast with friends

  • Clean room

  • Nap

  • Go to old navy

  • Post to her campus


  • Call the family

  • Google

  • Meeting

  • Class go canceled go see professor instead of sleep in

  • Go see the other professor that has been telling you to go see him for the past week


All of these things seem like silly little reminders, but I write them all down just to get through each week. Goals don’t have to be big and lofty, goals can just be small things. No I don’t always get to all of them. I have yet to go nap or clean my room or fill out the form that was due last week but it’s okay to not do everything. Its okay to need to take extra time and go slow.


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