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By Kynnedi Henry

College. This one word with seven letters seems to determine the path in which our lives go. College. “How will I choose which best fits me? How will I get into the college of my dreams? If I don’t go to a good college, what will happen to my life? In which direction will it go?”

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The pressure and burden of college is one that many of us can relate to. It is understood in many American households that college is the way to go, the determiner of our future. Today, I would like to encourage those of you who are worried about what is to become of you and your future. God has great and many wonderful things in store for you. You need only to open your eyes and see the great possibilities and adventures ahead of you. Stop worrying and lay the heavyweights of fear, sorrow, and depression down by the wayside. Pick up joy, peace, gentleness, humility, and love. Even if the pit of sorrow and depression seem impossible to escape, take baby steps by easing a smile onto your face when you see someone in passing. Be reminded that, no matter what today looks like, no matter what becomes of tomorrow, there is One greater than you who loves you beyond your wildest dreams and imaginations. Let’s not forget that this includes love beyond our biggest failures, worst thoughts, and actions. You are LOVED no matter who you are and what you become! Because God’s love is unconditional, walk into your future with confidence knowing that, no matter what happens, He will always be by your side. He is your Defender and Great Warrior. Take comfort my friend: Jesus is near and your future is bright because He is with you!


Endless love,


K.P. Taylor-Henry


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