DJ Los the Jester

DJ Los the Jester 

By: Darby Radcliff


Her Campus: Have you always been interested in music?

DJ Los the Jester: To me, music is the basis of life. Personally, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for music. It literally saved my life. I remember performing a show the night one of my closest friends was killed. Mind you, I was hanging out with him the day of the murder. If it wasn’t for that show, I would have been with him that night, and it probably would have been me to take the bullet.


HC: How did you get into deejaying?

Believe it or not, it all started in the church. I was doing sound for the youth at the age of 13. At the age of 15, there was this DJ named Wade who introduced me to a man named DJ Obadiah. After meeting him, I became the head DJ for a Christian Club named “Club U-Turn” for the first five years of my DJing Career. The next year, it was closed down and I found myself deejaying for various clubs, schools, and private events.


HC: Your DJ name is DJ Los The Jester, how did you come up with this?

My real name is Carlos Pabon Jr. and my friends call me “Los”, that’s how I originally got the name DJ Los. Then, I started this saying that says, “I’m the clown of the town, dumbest genius around”. After that, they called me “DJ Los The Clown”. I told my friends, “I’m more like the Court Jester”. From that day on, I’ve been known as DJ Los The Jester. Another name I go by now is “They Call Me CODA”. CODA stands for Child Of Deaf Adults. They call me that because both of my parents are deaf.


HC: What inspires you to deejay and what are your musical inspirations?

The main thing that inspired me to deejay is the fact that both of my parents are deaf. I feel like they can’t listen to music like I can, so I dedicate everything I do to them. Now, my main motivation is my little 7-year-old sister. She is the reason I strive for the best and nothing but the best. My musical inspirations are the greats including T-Pain, Swizz Beatz, David Guetta, Ludacris, Machine Gun Kelly, and last but not least, Mr. Sean “P Diddy” Combs. P Diddy is my main inspiration. P Diddy literally came from nothing, and now he is the biggest name in the music industry.


HC: What has been your favorite DJ gig so far in your career? Do you have any favorite venues to deejay at?

My favorite music gig thus far is the day I deejayed at Club Mystic (now known as Aura), for a Sweet Sixteen. I deejayed the whole night, and I was the life of the party and everybody had fun. My main thing is that I want everybody to have fun. If everybody has fun, then I have fun. My favorite venue has to be Lotus (Formerly known as Club 313). I love doing it solely because the promotion team are a bunch of high schoolers, but they are the hardest working team I’ve ever met. They packed out the place with only a week to promote. I’ll deejay for them at that venue any day.


HC: What is your best advice for aspiring DJs? Also, what are your tips for current DJs in college?

To all the DJs out there, keep pushing no matter what. You may have crowds boo you or say you suck, but just let that motivate you. Trust me, when I first started, I got booed, but I used that negativity to get better. Now I’m known as one of the most requested DJs in Palm Beach county.

To DJs in college, don’t stop. You have the best place to deejay. College is literally the best place because the crowd will make or break you. If you can get their approval, then its official that you are a good DJ, so don’t stop, keep your dreams going and be relentless and perseverant. Also, don’t let anybody bring you down and let your haters be your motivators. 


HC: What are your hopes for your DJ career?

I’m moving to New York on December 4th of 2012 in hopes of getting more recognition. I just want to expose everybody to my talent and and I want to do it with the best of the best. I hope to be one of the top 100 DJs in the world someday. You know what they say, “If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere." 


HC: For current fans and future fans out there, what are you upcoming show dates?

I still have one more homecoming dance, three birthday parties, and a housewarming party to deejay for these next 3 weekends before I leave for New York. My biggest show is actually going to be an audition with Amateur Night At The Apollo in Harlem, New York on February 6th in 2013. If I do well, then there will be more shows in the near future. I also have a show back in West Palm Beach on February 8th.


HC: Do you have anything else to add? 

I’ve been through man trials and tribulations, but no matter how big the obstacle, I still managed to overcome it. There have been times where club promoters screwed me over and didn’t pay me, but all it did was make me want to pursue the top of the “music food chain” even more. I strive and live for music now and it’s all because of everybody who put me down and tried to end my music career.

The mentality I live with now is what Machine Gun Kelly said in his song “Hold On." He says a lot of vulgarity, so here’s my translation, “Now hold up, shut up, who remembers my come up? Who remembers me when I had no food for my stomach? Who remembers my haters when I was keeping it G? (I Do) ‘Because I don’t remember them but I bet they remember me." 


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