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Love is a very complicated thing.  Sometimes it’s there.  Sometimes it isn’t, and sometimes it just will not go away no matter how bad they hurt you.  

However, there is a difference between always loving someone and always being in love with someone.  You can cherish what you had with that person and continue to love them and be there for them.  You have a choice with loving someone, but we can’t really help who we fall in love with and when.  It just hits us out of nowhere with almost no warning.  You can continue loving someone, but you don’t have to be in love with them anymore.  

The worst thing about love though is that it can’t always make it through anything and everything.  Sometimes, the circumstances won’t allow it, or the timing just isn’t right.  The worst type of relationship, in my opinion, is the right person-wrong time one.  I myself just got out of a serious relationship.  He was my best friend, and it is incredibly easy to fall in love with your best friend.  I did, and it took me a long time to help myself get over it.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love him with all my heart.  I’m here if he ever needs anything, but I’m not in love with him anymore.  

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My best advice on moving forward… write a letter of all the things you want to say, or didn’t get the chance to.  I was struggling with my feelings a while ago, and I just had the sudden urge to write.  So I did.  I wrote down everything he didn’t give me the chance to say.  I immediately felt better, even happier.  I was finally able to take all our pictures down.  I’m even planning on giving him the letter one day.  I had realized I could be happy completely on my own, without him.

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