Benefits of Having a Direct Sales Job

I know you’ve heard of the company Avon. It’s probably the most popular company that gives women the opportunity to make money through a company. You would not be considered an employee of the company. Nope, this would be your own business. The way this generally works is you would buy a “start-up kit” to start your business and the more you sell, the more profit you make. It works like this: ever heard that buying in bulk makes things cheaper to buy? That’s pretty much it! The more products you sell, the cheaper it is for you to buy them, and the more profit you make!

The best part of these jobs is the hours. They are whatever you make them! Jade Richardson, a junior journalism major at Ole Miss, is a distributor for LipSense and she says, “The most beneficial aspect of being a distributor [for LipSense] is being able to make my own hours, and of course making a little extra money never hurts!” Speaking from personal experience, I know it can be very tough to manage a job, 15 credit hours of classes, and extracurricular activities! This is the perfect job for college students. There are a variety of direct sales opportunities ranging from different interests like makeup to crafts! Below are some different companies you can be a consultant/distributor for and what they sell!


  1. Pink Zebra is a company that allows customers to “create personal fragrance and decor featuring easily blendable, premium wax Sprinkles and body-safe liquid Soaks” which are similar to wax melts.

  2. Mary Kay is a very popular cosmetics and skin care company with a history! The company sells products for women and men of all ages and has a broad catalog of products ranging from skin care to makeup brushes.

  3. LipSense is a company that sells high quality lipsticks, stains and glosses that are optimized for long wear. There are several shades and are said to be waterproof and kiss proof!

  4. Travelling Vineyard is exactly what it sounds like. The company is all about bringing “good” wine to people’s homes. Their mission statement is “to share the love of good wine with the world.”

  5. Chloe + Isabel is a company that sells stylish, hand-designed jewelry that is hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and lead safe. The site describes the company as based on a friendship between customers with two different personalities: timeless as well as hip and trendy.

  6. Monat is a company based on a line of hair care products containing natural ingredients and oils that work together to care for your hair and your scalp and hair follicles.

  7. Pure Romance is a company for the bold. Not only do they sell cosmetics and bath and body products, they also sell lingerie and sex toys. They also have a line of products for men!

  8. Close to my Heart is a company that sells all things scrapbooks! They have how-to patterns as well as other collections to cater to beginners or pros alike!


**Disclaimer: This is simply informational and not a sponsored article for any of these companies!