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2020’s Weirdest New Year Traditions and RESOLUTIONS

It’s that time again…

 “New Year, New Me” captions are about to flood social media. 

If you’re one of those people, how are you renewing yourself? Through resolutions or give-ups? Or maybe you’re like me, one who has never participated in the New Year traditions. 

If so, let’s try something new—so we can say we attempted, Ha! 


What do people usually give up? Chocolate/candy, ice cream, meat, etc… I will not be giving any of those up. What resolutions are we considering? I looked up some of the most popular and also some of the WEIRDEST ways to start the New Year… 


What will you choose?

Other things I saw included: get more sleep, Juul less, travel more, reduce stress, get a new job, exercise more, drink less, pay off debt, and floss more.


    Personally, I think saving money, traveling, keeping healthy, and flossing are things one should do throughout every year. For me to keep my sanity, live in my apartment, buy groceries/gas, and prevent gingivitis, I have to do these things on the daily. So, if you don’t do any of these, this list might be a good place to start on your resolutions. I might try reducing stress via yoga and getting more sleep.


Weird New Year Traditions: 

  1. Run through the streets while banging on pots and pans @ midnight.

  2. Wear white to scare away the bad spirits.

  3. Eat turnip greens, black eye peas, and pork to ensure a prosperous year. 

  4. Walk around your street with an empty suitcase for a year of travel. 

  5. Make a doll, and then burn it. This will signify the burning away of the old year and welcome the new. 

  6. Open all the cabinets, windows, and doors and then run around shutting them @ midnight. 

  7. Write down a wish on a piece of paper, burn it, and throw it in your champagne glass. You have to drink it before the clock strikes 12:01 am!

  8. Wear yellow underwear for good luck.

  9. Wear brand-new pink underwear to attract love. 

  10. Wear red underwear, put a piece of gold in a glass of champagne and drink it after eating 12 grapes for good fortune. 


Will you try any of these??


(I’m considering #1, 6, & 12 Hahaha!) 


If you were struggling with what resolutions to make or with picking a tradition, I hope these helped! If you already know, I hope you just got a good laugh. 


to be continued...
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