15 GIFs Explaining What It’s Like to Have a Sibling

Honestly, I cannot imagine being an only child. There are just so many feelings and emotions you just CANNOT experience without having a sibling! My siblings are the absolute best, and I really actually love them (don’t tell them that!). So, this goes out to all of you poor souls who had to grow up an only child! Here are 15 gifs explaining what it’s like to have a sibling!


1. They take your things. And if you have a sister that wears the same size as you, don’t expect to be able to find your favorite pair of jeans.

2. And expect you won’t do the same. I mean, why not grab that cute blazer while you’re getting that pair of jeans back from your sister.

3. They share things too...if you’re lucky.

4. They give you a reason to try harder at everything. Wouldn’t want them to be the star child, would you?

5. You never feel lonely. Just think, you never have to watch scary movies alone! But also there’s no such thing as privacy.

6. They make you laugh. Sometimes when you shouldn’t laugh. And those moments were the absolute worst because it meant whoever laughs first, got in trouble.

7. They make you cry.

8. Sometimes you can tell them about your problems.

9. Sometimes they just throw you under the bus.

10. When you and your sibling(s) want to do something, it’s always a fight to see who will ask your parents.

11. You get mad when someone unworthy treats them like dirt. Cuz let's be honest, only YOU are allowed to pick on them.

12. You have to race to the car to get the front seat! Or say “Dibs!” and hope they hold up the dibs agreement!

13. They make fun of you and sometimes they don’t know when to stop. When someone knows you as well as they do, it's not hard for them to go too far.

14. They’re pretty good at making you feel good about yourself too.

15. They always know when something is wrong.