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Spring is here and with it comes fresh, blooming new trends that cover everything from clothes to drinks to music. Upgrade every aspect of your next selfie with this guide to all things trendy.


Fashion must-haves this spring include floral Grecian tops in pastel colors and especially ones that fall off the shoulder! Ditch those dark, winter colors and think whites and blues.

Starbuck's new limited edition macchiatos in coconut milk mocha and cinnamon almond milk are literally TO DIE FOR. They're great hot or iced, depending on what vide your trying to go for on your Finsta, you know.



With spring may come graduation or opportunities for new internships or maybe even a job! If you need a good profile picture for your LinkedIn then this is your time! Great lighting and beautiful cherry blossoms will bring out the amazing colors of the spring season so go take advantage of it! Ask a friend who has a camera or maybe your career center on campus can help so you can save some money. (Hint: Some HCOW members got theirs at last years Her Conference!)


Bright pink and berry lipsticks will automaticaaly make you feel happier! My suggestion would be to try NYX cosetics brands which are affordable and come in a range of colors! My favorites are Rome and Budapest.


Top off your look with a denim jacket which is perfect for the spring weather. This is a must because it will complete your whole outfit. You can find this anywhere, but for the best quality I would suggest American Eagle, Hollister, or a classic Levi's jacket. They say quality over quanitity, so invest in a good one!



Another great thing about the spring is obviously the music festivals and outdoor concerts! Maybe you're lucky enough to be at Coachella this weekend, have tickets to something like Firefly or Governer's Ball, or something local like at Jones Beach Theater! Either way, they make the best social media posts.


Okay last but not least is a trend that we really don't know how to feel about. Please let us know what you think about the recent reveal of... *dun dun dun*... feather brows!


We'll leave you with that, ladies.

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