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What You Need To Get Through Midterms

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Old Westbury chapter.

Here at SUNY Old Westbury we are being bombarded by exams, projects, and anything else you can think of. Midterms cause a lot of stress, and can lead to us being overwhelmed. Here are a few items the ladies at HCOW think you need to get through midterms.

1. A Planner

Whether you decide to start from scratch like me or use a regular old planner from Target, planners are instrumental. It’s so important to write down deadlines and projects, so grab that planner and get going.

2. Snacks

Snacks are important to keeping your brain up and running, so even if you’re running around all day make sure you have a few healthy options. Hummus, crackers and cheese, and dark chocolate are some of my staples. They taste good and don’t pull me down.

3. Our Survival Kit


If you’re a SUNY OW student, you can even enter our giveaway! We have everything you need from eyeshadow to crazy glue. These products will get you through midterms and into spring break, and you won’t have to sacrifice feeling good about yourself just because you’re busy.

Slay away, Collegiettes, slay away.

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Jessinta Smith

Old Westbury

Jessinta is a Media and Communications major at SUNY Old Westbury, and has written for varying outlets including Out.com and StudyBreaks. She edits, writes, and is CC for HCOW, and discusses everything from mental health to politics. To see more of her work or get in contact with her, visit jessintawrites.wordpress.com.