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Trump’s Top 5 Fails

*Disclaimer: This article does not speak for Her Campus or Her Campus Old Westbury and is simply the thoughts and opinions of the author.

Trump has been in office roughly 9 months. In my opinion, in his term he has made more mistakes than any other sitting president, even considering the terms that included Watergate and the Lewinsky Scandal. So, I’ve come up with Trump’s Top 5 Fails.

1. He Threatened Korea with Nuclear War


Look, the man has our nuclear codes so when he makes threats like this we can only take him seriously, but WTF dude?

2. The Muslim Ban

This was just insensitive and only made to fuel the racial divide of America.

3. Trumpcare

This was purely about him trying to get his name on something and trying to delete Obama, because he couldn’t possibly want to take health care from millions of Americans, right?

4. Not Reinstating DACA

This was a no brainer – an easy way to give his approval ratings a tiny boost upwards, but Donald wouldn’t be a Donald if he didn’t constantly repulse us.

5. Running for President


It’s at the point where anyone else in the election would have done a better job. The truth is, Clinton wasn’t a bad choice because guess what? All Politicians are liars – there’s one in the Oval right now.


I'm a writer the Old Westbury Her Campus Chapter. I found this to be an opportunity to do something I love and to get involved in my community.
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