Pray For Vegas

Sunday October 1st, Stephen Paddock fired into the crowd gathered at Route 91 Harvest country music festival at 10:08 pm. At 11:20 pm, he was found dead by the police after leaving a trail of injured and dead civilians. But how, and why, did he take 58 innocent lives, obviously not including his own?

According to reports, Paddock set up base across from the venue at Mandalay Bay Hotel. Cameras were hidden in and outside his suite on the 32nd floor. His room, the police found, was home to 23 guns including AR-10, FN-15 and AK 47s. Along with the rifles, police found bump fire stock and magazines holding up to 100 rounds each. Reports state that he used at least one semi automatic rifle to fire into the concert through a purposely broken window.

The attack lasted about eleven minutes as thousands ran for cover, but with the concert being in an open field and an estimated 22,000 in attendance for the three day festival there was no place to hide.

Police responded two minutes into the shooting. At 10:12, a team was in front of the hotel trying to determine where the shots came from. At the time, they did not know there was only one shooter. At 10:25, SWAT reaches the 32nd floor and report the shooting of a security guard. At 11:19, the SWAT team sets up and detonates an explosive to get into the suspects hotel room only to find the gunman dead through a self-inflicted shot to the head.

With 58 dead and over 500 people wounded, Stephen Paddock conducted the deadliest mass shooting to date. Days into the investigation, authorities are still trying to figure out the motive behind the attack. Police have searched his home, interviewed his family and girlfriend, and researched into his personal and professional life but no report suggests a concrete reason behind the attack. One can hope that authorities will uncover a motive soon. Her Campus Old Westbury sends their love and support to all of those affected by this act of terror.

If you would like to donate to the shooting victims, please go here.