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Mother’s Day Gifts on a Budget for Every Type of Mom

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Old Westbury chapter.

Shopping for mom on Mother’s Day may seem like a challenge because obviously she deserves the world but you can only afford a Hallmark card. Fear not! Here is the ultimate list of what to get every different type of mom this Mother’s Day. Click the pic for the link!


For Techy moms…

A Personalized Kitchen Tablet Stand

Mom will love this when she’s trying to cook and follow along with that new recipe she found on Pinterest! Get it on Etsy for $19.99.


For Foodie Moms…

Delicious Jar Cakes

Who doesn’t love some cake and your mom will definitely love these cute mini jars! Also great for party favors and you should totally keep one for yourself. Pick from flavors like chocolate, red velvet, banana, carrot, and HUMMINGBIRD?! Get them here for $8.71 on Etsy.


Organic Herbs Set

For the mom who puts the “spice” in “sugar and spice and everything nice,” she’ll love adding these organic spices to her recipes! On Etsy for $20.00.


For Sporty Moms…

Fun Racerback Gym Tank

Who said moms can’t wear cute gym gear, too? Make her laugh while getting her sweat on with this funny tank top for only $16.95 here.


The Mom Bod Tank

Forget “dad bods” – help mom embrace the “mom bod” with this funny tee here for $21.95.


For Fashionista Moms…

Colorful Scarf

Every mom loves a trendy scarf to go perfectly with her outfit. Get this one here on Etsyfor $16.95.


For Bookworm Moms…

A Candle That Smells Like Old Books

If mom loves to read but doesn’t always have the time, buy her a candle that smells like books! Get this one here on Etsy for $18.00.


For Gardening Moms….

Fresh Herb Kit

Get a head start on spring planting with a herb seed kit like this one for $22.95.


For Party Moms…

Monogrammed Flask

For a flask, this is cute and classy! Mom’s night out may need a little something extra and she’ll thank you for this handy flask. On Etsy for $12.00.


For Traveling Moms…

Passport Cover

Brighten up mom’s boring passport with this fun floral cover for $8.00.


Wanderlust Car Window Decal


If mom loves to get away, she’ll love the meaning behind this wanderlust decal for $7.99 on Etsy.


For the Overly-Caffeinated Mom…

Caffeinated As A Mother Tee

Nothing is more true for your coffee-addicted mama than this tee. Get it on Etsy for $28.95.


Please Return to Mom Mug

If your mom runs on coffee throughout the day and even sticks it in the microwave to “freshen it up,” your fam will totally relate to this mug. Find it on Etsy for $16.00.


Have a happy Mother’s Day with your mom or any of the special women in your life and make them feel loved and appreciated however you can!

Michelle is pursuing a degree in Media and Communications at SUNY Old Westbury. All that really matters to her are cute dogs, good food, and making her dreams come true. As a wise woman once said, "Never apologize for being a powerful f*cking woman."
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