Meeting My Man On Instagram

All relationships have a story behind them. They tell you how they met whether they started off hating each other, met at a bar or a random encounter. It starts off with “funny story …. And the rest was history.” The usual way partners meet one another is in person through mutual friends and, continue talking from there. Well, we got the mutual friends part correct but, we didn’t meet in person right away.  We met in person a couple weeks after we started talking, on the SUNY Old Westbury campus with my two friends wondering who this guy was.


Rashaad’s side of the story is "I was scrolling through Instagram liking pictures and noticed a friend’s picture had a #throwbackthursday photo. I saw this very attractive female in the picture and when I clicked on her page, I was already following her. My curiosity got the best of me, when I slide in her direct message. I decided to try to be respectful and not be a creep and I told myself if she responds it's meant to be. I introduced myself politely and asked her 'How are we following each other?'"

Danielle’s side of the story is "To this day I do not know how we start following each other, but I know that we would like each others photos. When Rashaad slid into my direct messaging I don’t know why I responded because I don’t unless they are close friends. But, I did, and I found it cute that he introduced himself and was actually trying to have a conversation with me."

Eventually we met, went on a couple dates. The date that he officially asked me to be his girlfriend was May 5, 2015. But from our first date in March we both knew that we didn’t want to be with anyone else. So we celebrate that anniversary and it has been a great three years.