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Join Arianna Huffington’s Sleep Revolution!

Arianna Huffington, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of The Huffington post published a new book titled,The Sleep Revolution. In her new book, Huffington explains how crucial sleep is for our health and happiness, “transforming your life one night at a time.” Huffington adds that sleep is the way to a productive life that will lead you to success. About five years ago, Huffington spoke about the importance of sleep on TED. She said, “We women are going to sleep our way to the top, literally!” Watch this video of Arrianna Hunffington talking about sleep on TED. 

Arianna Huffington has been working on this revolution for years. Join her on her revolution and change your life forever! Purchase The Sleep Revolution today! She is funny and informative. You are in for a treat!

The pictures below consist of “on the go” materials that will help you sleep anywhere! A pillow,  Rohm (a sound machine able to mask all distracing noises), 

an eye mask to block all lights, a smart alarm and finally a page turner that will get you through a good night sleep.

Nathalie Ligonde is a senior at SUNY at Old Westbury majoring in Media and Communications. She is a Campus Co-Correspondent at Her Campus at Old Westbury. Ligonde is passionate about travelling, writing and learning new languages. She enjoys binging TV shows and movies on Netflix and loves hanging out with her friends. Her dream is to make a difference in the world by inspiring people to love themselves and others for who they are. You can follow her on Instagram to see all her adventures: @nathzwhatz
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