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Goals for Halloween Couples!

Halloween is so close! Who’s exited? We at Her campus Old Westbury sure are! In case you have no idea what you and your bae should be this year, here are some power couple ideas!

Harley and the Joker! (Suicide Squad)

Many fell in love with this couple this year with Suicide Squad coming out. Even the villains need love sometimes! Harley and the Joker have that love so many crave, because they will always save each other. Plus let’s be honest! These costumes are both sexy and scary!

Johnny and Baby! (Dirty Dancing)

Does this one even need convincing? Baby and Johnny’s love was infatuation. This costume is awesome because “nobody puts Baby in the corner.” The wardrobe from this movie is classy and sexy. Do it, just do it!

Jane and Tarzan! (Tarzan)

Goals! Even as kids many of us loved Jane and Tarzan. The wild boy, who grew up in the jungle, falls in love with the girl who accompanies her father to the jungle to do his research. What else can I tell you but, “you Jane, me Tarzan”?

Bella and Edward! (Twilight saga)

Did you forget about them? Yeah, but they’re still goals! Right? They’re soul mates that live happily ever after! Plus this costume is so easy for you last minute partiers. Wear makeup that makes you look really pale and cold, and pretend you can’t breath all night!

Kara and James! (Supergirl)

It’s only season two, so of course the writers are being stubborn about this relationship. According to the comics and their undeniable connection, they will be together. They’re so cute! Keep in mind that the Supergirl suit isn’t crucial; maybe wear a Supergirl shirt under whatever you have on!

By the way ladies, there’s nothing wrong with being your own bae!

Wonder Woman!

Frida Khalo!

Rosa Parks!



Nathalie Ligonde is a senior at SUNY at Old Westbury majoring in Media and Communications. She is a Campus Co-Correspondent at Her Campus at Old Westbury. Ligonde is passionate about travelling, writing and learning new languages. She enjoys binging TV shows and movies on Netflix and loves hanging out with her friends. Her dream is to make a difference in the world by inspiring people to love themselves and others for who they are. You can follow her on Instagram to see all her adventures: @nathzwhatz
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