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The Emotional Stages that Impending Graduation Brings

I looked at my planner and realized that graduation is about A MONTH away. I don't know about you, but I had a series of mini panic attacks. It seems like every time I open my school email, there's something I have to do to prepare for graduation; order a cap and gown, schedule graduation pictures, prepare for a capping final, apply for internships - it's never-ending! Naturally, in the midst of a month long panic, the most productive thing to do is quantify these feelings (AKA distract myself) by finding content on the Internet that I currently identify with on an almost-spiritual level.


When you wake up in the morning and your only hope is trying to power talk yourself into succeeding.

So you make a last-ditch effort to bring your GPA up once and for all.

....And it's not going very well.

So of course you rationalize these "efforts."

Plus, the last four years have left you in financial ruin.

You try desperately to make it to class these last few weeks but the parking lot has officially become a battle ground.

And preparing for the real world is daunting and complicated.

You're forced to revisit resumes, cover letters, business cards, LinkedIn, interview ettiquette... 

You try to avoid reading any more articles like "The Best and Worst Majors" and "Highest Paying Major" because there's no turning back now...

Then you read that you only get four tickets to the ceremony and it takes place on a soccer field.

All the while, just watching as the days tick by and graduation approaches.

Did this make you feel any better? Yeah, me neither.



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