Is Country Racist?

On the 50th annual Country Music Association Award, Beyoncé performed her hit country song "Daddy Lessons" along with the Dixie Chicks. According to the New York Times, the performance went smoothly.  

Beyoncé however did not receive a warm welcome from Country fans do to her  activism and involvement against police brutality, the New York times adds.  

Oh keep reading, their is worst!

On the CMA's Instagram, all posts of Beyoncé were erased! According to ELLE Magazine, "The Country Music Association heavily promoted Beyoncé's performance at its 50th awards show Wednesday night." There was even a snapchat filter titled "Bey Watch" just for Beyoncé. Soon after country fans responded negatively, everything Beyoncé no longer existed on their social media pages.  

Yet Thursday, after another controversy because the CMA's erased Beyoncé, they reposted a picture of the Dixie Chicks with Beyoncé.  

The Dixie Chicks were super greatful to have Beyonce by their sides!