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Captain America Takes on Former KKK Leader

Captain America isn’t going to sit back and watch the injustice and racism being displayed in front of him. Chris Evans, known for his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Steve Rogers, has taken on his character’s role. He has been in a Twitter feud with the former leader of the KKK David Duke since February. David Duke is known for making outlandish racist comments but he has been more active in the public eye due to our political state.  The 35 year old Avengers actor has since deleted the inital tweet but it read:

Evans was unhappy with the confirmation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has recently been under fire for ties to Russia during the presidential race, and whom David Duke supports.  Duke responded, institgating further dispute.



Then, Duke commented on Evans dating life, saying he didn’t love his “own” women because he has dating women of different religions and ethnicity.


And Evans had the best responses.  He tweeted, “I don’t hate them. That’s YOUR method. I love. Try it. It’s stronger than hate. It unites us. I promise it’s in you under the anger and fear” and then:


Way to be the bigger man, Chris Evans.

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