5 Times Nathan Scott Stole Our Hearts

It’s safe to say that pretty much anyone who has watched a few episodes of One Tree Hill LOVES Nathan Scott. I mean, bad-boy-turned-good with a huge heart and a killer jumpshot — what’s not to love? Here are 5 moments when Nathan Scott stole EVERYONE’s heart.


Nathan didn’t need to have his eyes open (or even really be awake) to know that something was bothering Haley. Who wouldn’t want a boyfriend that was that in tune with your moods?


Few things say love like a bracelet from a box of Cracker Jacks. However, you have to admit that the thought is what counts here, and Nathan was trying his best.


Having someone say, “It’s you or nobody else”, is pretty special. Nathan’s love for Haley and Haley alone is enough to steal anyone’s heart.


Nathan Scott and a baby — need I say more?



The kind of love Nathan and Haley have is the kind of love most people can only dream of. Seeing how deeply Nathan cares for Haley always makes my heart happy.

Nathan Scott is a pretty amazing man, and everyone deserves to have a Nathan in their life.