5 Irritating Realizations of Growing Up

There are key moments in life that help us to grow and change, and ultimately result in us becoming adults. As we continue to grow, a lot of amazing things can happen like meeting new people, finding your life passion, and starting your career. But some things that change are kind of a pain in the ass, so here are my top five pain in the ass things that changed when I grew up.


  1. My style changed. I’ve always been a kid who knew who I was and what I liked, but suddenly I didn’t like my clothes from my teen years. I had a moment where I looked at my boyfriend and literally said “I think I wear too many graphic t-shirts, I want to wear more black too.” I always liked black, but when I was younger I paired black with lighter colors. Now I wear a lot of black, and dress more like a punk Morticia Addams which is kind of a hard style to shop for. If your style changed, and you find yourself drawn to alternative and darker fashion, try shopping somewhere like RebelsMarket. Not only do they have some cool alternative fashion, but they also have a blog that can be immensely useful when you’re trying to figure out exactly how to style yourself.
  2. I schedule my own appointments. I’ve been working since I was 14 so I’ve had my fair share of scheduling, but there comes a time where you have no choice but to schedule your own appointments. Getting your wisdom teeth removed? You do that. Have to go to meet someone at college? You again. It’s all on you, no one else.
  3. I drive myself to those appointments too. It sucks when you need to drive yourself to the doctor even though you have strep and just want to sleep. It sucks having to drive yourself home from the doctor while you’re fatigued from being at the office. It especially sucks when you need to go drive to get your prescription. Being a grown up means you have no choice but to drive, even when you really don’t want to even a little bit.
  4. I do projects that now have deadlines. Not high-school projects but 12 page, college essay projects with strict deadlines. On top of that I have a job which gives me projects with deadlines. And there are real repercussions if I don’t do these projects, not just a phone call back to my mom. I don’t get paid, or I fail, and both somehow result in me losing money.
  5. The worst one is that I need to be polite to people who I don’t like. I can’t tell the girl who smells bad in the office that she should probably shower, I just sit there trying not to gag. I can’t tell the dude who acts like he’s God’s gift to the world that he is just some boring guy who has no real benefit. I just sit politely making small talk with the people who irritate me.

So those are my five worst changes about evolving into a functioning adult. The most shocking thing is, I have realized that adults don’t really know what they’re doing but rather we’re all just guessing the next best step. At least when I’m an old lady I’ll get to do whatever I want...