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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Old Westbury chapter.

Stressed? You came to the right place, here are the 5 most satisfying GIFs we could find. Enjoy.

Why is this so soothing?

Why do these make all my worries disappear?

They are all kind of sexy right?

Look at that, it’s both amazing and creepy.

We aren’t weird right? What is happening? I suddenly have no worries in life. 

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Jessinta Smith

Old Westbury

Jessinta is a Media and Communications major at SUNY Old Westbury, and has written for varying outlets including Out.com and StudyBreaks. She edits, writes, and is CC for HCOW, and discusses everything from mental health to politics. To see more of her work or get in contact with her, visit jessintawrites.wordpress.com.