3 Awesome Artists You've Probably Never Heard About

Often regarded as “the universal language”, music has a special way of moving people with its various messages. Whether you’re a fan of pop, alternative, rap, or country artists (to name a few), I think we can all agree that expanding one’s musical horizons is a great way to find some new tunes and perhaps make new friends along the way! This is my list of under the radar bands and solo performers who are totally replay worthy.

1. The Hadleys​

Originally called “Volcanoes in the Kitchen”, The Hadleys is band based in Charleston, South Carolina and consists of siblings Gabby, Hannah, and Drew. The trio’s first release was in 2014 with an EP titled From the Hill Where We Counted Stars. The lyrics on this five track record feel imaginative and somewhat dreamlike, perfect for clearing your mind. Heart Peaks is the group’s second EP and was released in May of 2016. Their lyrics are beautifully supported with folk inspired rhythms continue to inspire listeners with lyrics of overcoming hardship.

2. Kevin Oh

As I’m sure we’ve all done before, I left my Spotify playlist on shuffle and was pleasantly surprised after listening to one of this artist’s songs. Kevin Oh is a twenty-seven year old singer born in New York who got exposure after winning the seventh season of South Korean talent show titled Superstar K. His debut album titled Stardust was released in January and has three songs: a title track of the same name Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Paradise. Though the songs are sung in Korean, I suggest you give them a listen despite the language barrier. You won’t be disappointed!

3. The Rose

The Rose is a four member Korean band that debuted very recently; their first single titled Sorry was released on August 3rd, 2017 under J&Star Company. The group is comprised of leader and guitarist Woosung, keyboardist and guitarist Dojoon, drummer and rapper Hajoon and bassist Jaehyeong. As a connection to the group name, each member has a different coloured rose to represent their personalities which are white, red, blue, and pink respectively. As a fan of K-pop groups, I definitely enjoy listening to bands whose members play different instruments in addition to singing.